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Water is a fundamental human need that revolutionizes the sustainability of every society. Recognizing the importance of clean water in any community, many nonprofit organizations have committed themselves to provide this vital resource to people in need from all over the world. Although there are many worthy organizations that perform critical work to ensure the availability of clean water on a global scale, here are five innovative philanthropies dedicated to this cause:


PURE WATER FOR THE WORLD: This organization focuses its efforts on communities in Central America and the Caribbean, providing both water and necessary educational resources. The unique impact blocks show supporters how their dollars will work to fund invaluable programs and services.


WATER FOR GOOD: This philanthropy benefits the people of central Africa with a blend of services designed to improve sanitation practices and empower communities through proper education. Water for Good also works to help launch local businesses that are committed to providing clean water for the people of the Central African Republic.


HOPE OF LIFE INTERNATIONAL: This faith-based organization serves families in Guatemala through not just clean water services but also through a variety of programs designed to help the country’s most vulnerable citizens. The group focuses a large amount of attention on local disaster relief efforts as well as educational opportunity provisions. Hope of Life International also works to build homes for needy families in an effort to provide shelter and aid to those that need it the most.


GENEROSITY.ORG: This group works on a global scale with the mission of ending the clean water shortage in developing countries all across the world. To date, the group boasts the completion of nearly 800 clean water projects in 20 countries with a lofty goal of reaching 1,000 completions.


BLOOD:WATER: This nonprofit works as the glue holding together a vast network of like-minded organizations dedicated to providing clean water and HIV/AIDS support services to more than one million people located in 11 countries throughout Africa. This group aims to give back dignity to thousands of people as they struggle with illness and lack of clean water. By bringing numerous partners together to work toward a common goal, Blood:Water proves that there is strength in numbers.